May 17, 2023
What is the Doc Formats PDF Tools Support?

PDF Tools is a software application that converts various file formats into PDF format. PDF Tools has a simple interface and can convert files quickly and easily. Below, the article discusses some of the most popular file formats supported by PDF Tools. Additionally, you will learn how you can convert Word to PDF.

PDF Tools supports the following files for conversion to PDF format:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Plain text files
  • Rich text format (RTF)

Microsoft Word

You can use Microsoft Word to create professional-looking, high-quality PDF files. Word documents are converted to PDFs with all formatting, images, and tables. You can also choose to convert only some of the formatting (such as fonts) or none of the formatting at all.

Word creates a single PDF document that contains multiple pages and sections. The document format is preserved so that it can be imported into other applications, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software or Apple Pages for Mac OS X, without losing any content or layout elements.

Plain Text Format

Plain Text Format is a text-only document. It is a simple text file that any text editor or word processor can create. It contains no formatting information and is not readable by any computer application other than the one that created it.

To create this format, select “Save as” from your browser’s File menu and choose “Plain Text Format (.txt)” when prompted for the format type.

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Rich Text Format (RTF) is the most common format for word-processing documents. RTF is a plain text format that uses ASCII characters to represent formatting commands and uses a line break to indicate where words are split.

The RTF standard actually encompasses three different formats:

  • Rich Text Format—the original format used in Microsoft Word 3.0/95/97; supported by a wide variety of applications
  • Enhanced Rich Text Format (ERTF), which adds support for Unicode characters and images; supports features such as tables, hyperlinks, graphics, and font smoothing.
  • Compound Document File format (CDF), which combines multiple files into one large document

All RTF variants

RTF is a text-based file format used to exchange documents between applications. It allows you to create rich text documents, such as newsletters, brochures, and flyers. All RTF variants are supported by most word-processing programs and can be opened in any of the following formats:

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • ASCII Text (.txt)

“The Acrobat Word to PDF online tool lets you convert DOCX, DOC, RTF, and TXT files to PDF using a web browser on any operating system,” says Adobe Acrobat experts.

All in all, there are many reasons why you might need to convert a file into PDF format. There are also a lot of tools available that can help you do just that. With so many different options out there, it can take time to know which one is right for your needs. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on the best option for your needs! So, make the most out of the tools available to you and put them to use.

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