September 22, 2023
What Does CFS Mean On Instagram

What does CFS mean on Instagram? As everyone is familiar with Instagram, it’s a fast-growing app whose versions are updated from time to time to bring exciting and user-friendly features. It’s been a decade ago that Instagram was launched. If we do a comparison of what Instagram looked like 10 years ago, we’ll see Instagram has improved a great deal. The features it’s introducing every day are getting advanced day by day and it keeps on updating its features.

What is CFS on Instagram?

What is CFS on Instagram

What does CFS mean on Instagram? If you’re an Instagram user, you might be aware of the story feature on Instagram which is very similar to the Snapchat story option but have you heard about the close friend’s story feature? This is exactly what CFS means in the text means. Instagram brings a lot of exciting and user-friendly features. CFS is one of the exciting features that has two meanings “Close Friend Setting” or “Close Friends Story”.

What does CFS mean? (Close Friend Settings)

If you are using a public account or even a private one, but you’re not sure about your followers, or how they judge your stories and posts. Many of us are privacy-conscious and secretive about our lives. We don’t want to view our story to many people except some close friends. So, if you’re dealing with the same issues this feature by Instagram is exactly designed for you. It allows you to make a Close Friends list so you can share your stories only with your BFF/Close Friends.

How to Make a Close Friend List?

To make a close friends list on Instagram, you simply need to follow these few steps.

Close Friend List
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • Tap the three horizontally lined icons in the top right, then tap Close Friends.
  • Once it’s done now scroll down to Suggestions. 
  • You can also search for any specific follower from the list.
  • Select your followers whom you want to add to this list.

Tap Done and here you go, and now your privacy is safe. You can share your own pictures and videos to story now and no one would see except your close friends.

What does CFS mean on Instagram? (Close Friend Story)

Whenever you feel like you want to share a story, but only with Close Friends. Just go to Add Story and make a story with whomever you want to share your. Instagram gives you two options, to share it with your followers or Close Friends list not anyone else.

If you tap Close Friends, it shows you your current Close Friends list. so you may edit it if you want. Then tap next and boom. you’re done.

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What does CFS mean on Instagram? This is How it’s Done

This is How it’s Done

You can add or remove your Close Friends list whenever you want. Instagram doesn’t notify them either way. Only you can see who is on your Close Friends list. Instagram shows up green stroke around Close Friends Story which indicates you are in their close friends list.

You can only see the green-stroked stories if you are on their Closed Friends list. which sums up that you are their Close Friend. but you can’t see who else is in their CF list.


1. What does CFS mean on Instagram?

CFS meaning Instagram is related to the story feature of Instagram. It’s either Close Friend Story or Close Friend settings. Close friend stories feature allows the user to share their posts on their stories while maintaining privacy even if they have public accounts. So, cfs Instagram meaning on Instagram is summed up and If you have further questions just scroll up and look for the answers.

2. What does CFS stand for on Instagram?

CFS Instagram means Close Friend Story or Close Friend settings.

3. What is CFS meaning Instagram in the text?

CFS meaning in text, the acronym CFS is used as slang to admire someone as cute, funny, and sweet. It’s mostly used while talking about the crushes.

4. Can you go live on Instagram CFS?

CFS means Instagram is a Close friend story and Yes, you can go Live on Instagram’s close friend story. To go Live on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Tap Live at the top.
  • Now tap the schedule written in the left corner.
  • Schedule your time and click start
  • Click schedule live video at the bottom
  • Now, if you want to share your live scheduled broadcast, tap share and share it with people you would like to add.

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