September 22, 2023
Welcome Aboard VS Welcome On Board - Which One Is Right -

Greetings are the cardinals while starting a conversation; it triggers a positive response from the other side and besides that, it also produces a feeling of buoyancy. It’s the main paramount while starting a discussion at a more personal level. Research has also proved that greetings can make our whole mood better. A “HELLO” can change our whole perspective about how we feel about ourselves, the place we are living, and that person. Greetings are polite and soft words to welcome someone. welcome aboard or welcome on board, welcome aboard literally just means to welcome someone to a team or maybe a flight. welcome aboard is considered informal when it comes to welcoming a certain person to a team; moreover,  welcome on board is considered to be more formal when welcoming someone via Email. welcome on board or aboard conveys the same welcome on board meaning and both are greetings and can be used interchangeably.

Welcome On board Means

Welcome On board Means

Use The Phrase “Meaning Welcome Aboard” In A Sentence:

How To Reply To Welcome On Board

How To Reply To Welcome On Board

Welcome on board is commonly used when you embark on a journey while using transport like trains, or airplanes. The air hostess welcomes the passengers by repeating the words welcome on boarding. We must reply to these words by saying THANK YOU, MISS! Or just a simple THANKS.

Welcome on board is a broad term and can be used while giving a warm welcome to someone joining your team or a business. In this case, you must not reply with just thanks but use other words as well. We’ll clarify it through examples:

Manager: We would like to and welcome on board our new teammate, John for joining us. Looking forward to working with you!

JOHN: Thank you for your warm wishes. I feel good to be a part of your team. As you can see from the above examples welcome on board are just the kind words we use to show kindness, respect celerity to others.

How Do People Say Welcome On Board In Different Ways?

How Do People Say Welcome On Board In Different Ways?

Different cultures have different greetings. Muslims greet in a different way while Christians or Koreans greet in a different way. The reason there are many kinds of greetings is that people are influenced more by culture or religion. But whatever words we use for greeting, no matter whether it’s in Korean or Chinese or English or maybe Arabic, all these greetings convey the welcome on board Meaning of welcoming someone. Muslims’ greetings are the most powerful as it is a kind of prayer they give to each other every time they meet.

Phycological Effects Of Greetings On Humans

Phycological Effects Of Greetings On Humans

It’s important to greet people with a smile on their face and say good things like “How Are You Doing, I Hope You Must Be Great”. These words pull the people into a more hospitable environment and make them think that they have made a good choice by approaching you or by visiting your house. Greetings are a great way to demonstrate and create a favorable expression that you were brought up in a good environment. Greetings have proven to be so powerful that they can immediately turn your seething rage into a beautiful smile and can make a depressed person feel better. Human psychology has proved that as well, it triggers a person to feel positive. What a boon! We must say.

Welcome Aboard Means

Welcome Aboard Means

As welcome on board is a phrase, which means there are many alternative words we can use for that. A few substitutions for this phrase are listed below:

  • We feel pleasure in welcoming you to our Team.
  • Welcome to the crew.
  • You are this sort of tremendous addition to our Team
  • We’re happy you joined us on this vessel.

Use The Phrase “Meaning Welcome Aboard” In A Sentence

Here are some examples to demonstrate how we use welcome on board in sentences.

  1. We would like to welcome aboard our new teammate, Mr, Jason.
  2. On my first day, everybody welcomed me aboard.
  3. Welcome aboard sir! You may take your seat now.
  4. Please join us in welcoming MR, Liam Parker Aboard.
  5. The whole team planned a surprise to welcome you aboard.


Now, we know that the two phrases welcome aboard or Onboard convey the same meanings, and both can be used in place of each other.



1. What’s the difference between Welcome On Board and Welcome Aboard?

Welcome aboard and welcome on board both are greetings used to welcome a person in a vessel, in a business, or in a team.

2. What can you say instead of Welcome On Board?

Instead of saying welcome on board, you may use “Congratulations on being a part of our team” or “We’re lucky to have you on our team”.

3. What must be your response when someone says Welcome On Board?

Simply reply by pronouncing; Thank you, I sense so thrilled to be a part of such a superb group”.

4. What’s the purpose of greetings on human behavior?

Well, greetings help us build positive connections with other people, and it strengthens our bond with them. It also triggers a positive conversation.

5. Who should greet first?

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are entering a room full of people. Now, you must be the one greeting everyone first, irrespective of your status.

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