September 27, 2023

Most people are now looking for a passive source of income to sustain their lifestyle, and freelancing has become a reliable source of income for millions of people worldwide.

Unlike on-site jobs, freelancing comes with many added benefits. You do not have to worry about traveling or strict hours and you can be your own boss and work from the comfort of your home.

Content writing or specifically ghostwriting is one of the most in-demand and successful fields in the freelancing world. You can even turn freelance ghostwriting into your primary job if you work with dedication and tactfulness.

If you are a freelance ghostwriter or want to become one, here are a few essential tips that can help you ensure fast growth.

1. Keep Your Day Job

It may be because of a nagging boss or low income, but most people have thought about quitting their day job at some point in their life. In any case, when you see a ray of hope, your first instinct might be to submit a resignation letter.

The thought of a lucrative and solo freelance career can be promising, but if you quit your day job before establishing strong grounds, survival may become difficult. Clients come and go. Sometimes, you won’t have a single client and sometimes you get more work than you can handle.

It is better to learn every process and possible outcome before taking any action. Therefore, instead of acting on impulse, learn how to find ghostwriting jobs first, and then think about the next step.

Until a couple of clients become regular, keep your day job so that the ups and downs of freelance work don’t hit your finances too hard.

2. Go Beyond Local

Many individuals and businesses require freelance ghostwriting services all across the world. They can help you with timely and authentic content to increase brand awareness. That is why, when you start your ghostwriting career, do not limit yourself by the boundaries.

Freelancer ghostwriters can secure clients from every part of the world. The companies and individuals that may be interested in your service have little to do with where you belong. The only things that concern them are your caliber and experience.

So, if you feel that there is no local work in your area, pursuing freelance ghostwriting is ideal. Freelance platforms allow you to work with individuals and companies in other corners of the world.

On the contrary, if the local area is flooded with competitive service providers, freelance opportunities ensure you do not lose a job because of your location. Many endless opportunities can benefit you in the long run.

3. Learn from Rejection

Every freelancer understands that finding the right clients requires time and dedication. Sometimes you may land great opportunities, and sometimes, you will miss them. It’s all part of working as a freelancer and growing your business.

You may spend days networking and pitching your services, but you might not find work right away. Whether you have been working as a freelance ghostwriter for years or just joined the field, everyone knows rejection is a part of day-to-day life.

The key to becoming a successful freelance ghostwriter is to learn from your rejection instead of being undermined by it. Rejection helps you work on your pitching and networking. Eventually, you will come across clients that are the right match for your services.

4. Set the Right Price

Everyone wants to make the best of their skills to earn money and make a stable living. However, when it comes to freelance work, there is so much competition in the field. That is one of the reasons that selecting a suitable pay rate overwhelms writers, especially new writers.

One cannot afford to scare away their client. On the contrary, you cannot continue charging low pay rates forever. It can be difficult to pinpoint the right amount for your services. It all comes down to self-analysis of your work, experience, and overall services.

If you are just starting your career as a freelance ghostwriter, try using a rate you and your client agree on. Keep a record of the average time every project takes and calculate the decided rate on an hourly basis. This way, you will feel more confident when creating proposals in the future.

5. Polish Your Negotiation Skills

You need to get a little creative in the world of freelance. That is because everything you want will or deserve will not be on your doorstep. Some clients will accept your proposal, and some will look for discounts in several ways.

Therefore, it is important to research and come prepared with logic. When someone tries to ask your services for less, be confident and show your expertise. Conduct yourself in a way that they know the worth of the cost.

Yes, you will feel awkward and sometimes bad to say no to people the first few times. However, with time, you can excel at your negotiation, and it will become a regular practice in no time. Do not prove your worth and experience in words. Instead, show them your work.

6. Make it Easy for the Client

You will meet thousands of people as a freelancer. Each of them will have a different style of conveying their needs, preferences, and deadlines. Since ghostwriting is not a common service, you will likely have to take the lead in their project.

You may want to let your clients take the lead to ensure smooth communication and satisfaction. However, if your client takes hold of everything, it will make you look inexperienced.

Therefore, try to understand your client’s personality in the initial conversation. Do not rush the process. Instead, take your time to listen and understand their demands. Once you connect all the dots, tell them to sit back and relax.

Make sure that you do not hesitate to ask questions. If you have any doubts, do not assume and go with them. Instead, ask your client about their preferences, demands, and expectations to work accordingly.

This practice will ensure that your client is satisfied with the initial drafts and save you time.

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