September 22, 2023
People Also Search for

In early 2018, Google launched a new feature that allows its users to do better research about things. The keywords that are shown in this bar People Also Search for are the keywords people have been using for similar research. Every time you search for something on Google, you get a lot of related content. All of that content is somehow related to the keywords you used in your research.

Why Did Google Launched this New Feature?

  • When a user searches a keyword on Google; it then shows the best relevant results. Now, the User may open one of the webpages shown; but if he bounces back to the search engine, Google assumes that the results did not satisfy the user, and so Google shows more relevant searches that may make it simpler for a user to get the results he wanted.
  • Have you ever wondered what happens when what you searched doesn’t bring you what you need or the result that Google shows you of your keywords didn’t satisfy you, then you’ll have to put more keywords to see what comes up and that’s why People Also Search For keyword aims to reduce this workload by displaying other alternative words which help you get more deep research about a particular topic. 
  • Another astonishing advantage of this feature is that it allows search engine users to find related searches without having to think or type the queries. Google tries its best to facilitate its users. This feature was launched by Google People Also Search For to make it a better search engine and to provide users an easier way to search for what they want.
  • Suppose you’re searching for a book let’s consider the name of this book dearth, and the writer let’s say is Shakespeare. Now, People also Searched For search engines will suggest to users other books of Shakespeare and also suggest the dearth of date of publication and much more information related to the book you’re looking for, and the same goes for the movies. 

And now you guys must be wondering how it serves as a blessing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Importance of PASF

In the event that you can’t help thinking about why you really want to utilize PASF, there are a couple of things you might have to really take a look from the start. Google Investigation permits you to follow your web guest’s conduct on your site. You can dissect in the event that the client arrived at your site naturally, or landed utilizing an immediate connection. You may also have the option to recognize the time every client spends on your pages.

By dissecting the various measurements, you can perceive how great your site is doing on search motors. In the event that your site has a higher skip rate, it can allude to the absence of fulfillment of your clients. You might have to investigate assuming that you are giving the information they are searching for. As a rule, your clients might get baffled because of the absence of intensive information.

Envision arriving on two different pages utilizing a similar catchphrase. One site gives you the information you want. The other site contains the specific information alongside extra valuable information that might end up being useful to you. Which site could you like to remain on longer? No doubt the subsequent one.

You can apply a similar rule to utilizing the PASF include. By adding related pages to your search results and enhancing them for catchphrases, you can diminish the skip pace of your site. 

How does it Works?

People Also Search For is controlled by Google’s Connected Searches calculation.

How does it Works PASF

This calculation takes a gander at various variables to figure out which inquiries are connected with the fundamental inquiry, including:

The Fundamental Question itself

The calculation takes a gander at the fundamental question to figure out which inquiries are connected with it.

The Searcher’s Area

The calculation considers the searcher’s area to figure out which questions are connected with the fundamental inquiry.

The Searcher’s Gadget

The calculation considers the searcher’s gadget to figure out which inquiries are connected with the primary inquiry.

The Searcher’s Search History

The calculation takes a gander at the searcher’s search history to figure out which questions are connected with the fundamental inquiry.

The Searcher’s Web Browsing History

The calculation takes a gander at the searcher’s web browsing history to figure out which questions are connected with the principal inquiry.

The Substance of the SERP

The calculation takes a gander at the substance of the SERP to figure out which questions are connected with the fundamental inquiry.

People Also Search For is Refreshed Continuously

The calculation is continually running and People Also Search For is refreshed continuously with the goal that it mirrors the most recent related inquiries.

Google is continually tweaking and working on this calculation, so the People Also Search For results that you see today might be not quite the same as the outcomes that you see tomorrow. In any case, People Also Search For is a significant device that can

People Also Search for vs People Also Ask

People Also Ask functions in a similar way to that of People Also Search for. The People Also Ask search engine shows the related queries with proper answers of your searched keywords. These are usually questions starting with the words “Why”, “When”, “Where”, “How”. Both of the features People also Search for Google and People Also Ask play a very important role in your SEO strategy. If you want to engage more visitors on your website, you must have an effective SEO plan.

People Also Search for vs People Also Ask

Uses of PASF (How to use it Effectively)

Following are the important and effective uses of PASF to make your content competitive against others.

  1. Use PASF For Keyword Research.
  2. Improving Existing pages using PASF.
  3. Use PASF As FAQ’s.
  4. Use PASF For Long-Form Content.

Use PASF For Keyword Research

People Also Search For is a treasure trove for keyword research. This information is extremely pertinent to your subject because it comes directly from Google’s search records. Your site’s overall topical authority would rise if you were to rank for these keywords, which would help you attract more visitors.

For keyword research, here are a few ways to make use of them.

Make a list of the PASF keywords for the keyword you want to rank for. In a new tab, search Google for each PASF keyword to discover additional PASF keywords. PASF keywords will be repetitive if your topic is not very deep. However, using this strategy frequently enables you to come up with novel search terms.

Use Ahrefs or any other keyword research tool to examine these keywords’ search volume and ranking difficulty to determine whether they merit targeting. This is a simple method for finding hidden keywords that have a high search volume and can be used in your content.

Improving Existing pages using People Also Search For

Adding PASF keywords to your website’s existing content is a simple way to enhance on-page SEO.

Improving Existing pages using People Also Search For

Check out how:

  • When it makes sense, try to include PASF keywords in the headlines.
  • Make a list of all the crucial PASF keywords and incorporate them into your content as needed.
  • On your H2 and H3 tags, use various variations of PASF keywords.
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Use People Also Search For As FAQ’s

Adding a FAQS section at the end of your informative articles or pages is a simple and highly engaging way to communicate with your audience and rank for a variety of search terms.

Since your audience is already looking for those topics, PASF keywords are ideal for FAQs.

Using PASF keywords, you can create FAQs in a few different ways.

Check the PASF keywords for your subject to see if you can find any descriptive long-tail keywords with a clear intent to search. These keywords frequently appear in the form of frequently asked questions (FAQs). For instance, the PASF keywords for the search term “freelance writing tips” are listed here.

If you pay attention, PASF keywords like “freelance writing salary” and “examples of freelance writing” can easily be converted into FAQs because you already know what the search is looking for.

Use PASF For Long-Form Content

Like blog posts and articles, PASF keywords come in handy.

How? The typical length of a long-form article is between 250 and 5,000 words. If you want to write a useful long-form post, you need to cover multiple sections, subheadings, and topics.

You can easily create a long-form post using PASF keywords, locate subheadings, and identify relevant content topics.


1. What is People Also Search For and what does it mean?

People Also Search For is a feature launched by Google in early 2018 to help it’s users find the best results for their research they have been looking for.

2. How does the feature People Also Search For help people?

“People Also Search For” feature by Google provides facility by which users find it easy to get more keywords related to the entered keyword.

This happens sometimes when you don’t get the results, you wanted, then you’ll have to enter more keywords to get desired results. This feature by Google makes it easy to make more searches, and that’s how it helps people.

3. Is it possible to disable People Also Search For?

Yes, you can disable this feature easily.

4. What is Google Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the technique of making your website convenient for search engines. It is actually about managing the traffic on your website. The better the SEO, the more users will find that site through search engines.

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