May 17, 2023
lebron james bdh

LeBron James BDH is a story of the ages, frankly speaking. LeBron James is a legendary status basketball player. Who made a fool out of many players, media pundits, and fans alike with his “LeBron torn BDH” April Fools’ joke story. The venerated player was part of an April Fools story back in 2021 that was published by ClutchPoints.

A little bit about LeBron James BDH

lebron james bdh

LeBron James does not need any introduction especially if you are a fan of the NBA. He is an MVP player that plays in the small forward position. The 6 ft. 9 in. player, of BDH torn prank fame now, has represented many teams during his illustrious career. He started his career with Cleveland Cavaliers and then went on to represent Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James BDH has multiple accolades to his name including, but not limited to, four times NBA champion, four times NBA finals MVP, four times NBA Most Valuable Player, and 18 times NBA All-Star, to name a few. Currently, he plays as the small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers. James torn BDH incident, or more accurately prank is quite recent, during his time with the Lakers.

LeBron James BDH story

lebron james bdh

LeBron James BDH story started with a news article published online on the website ClutchPoints. ClutchPoints is a sports media company based out of Los Angeles and owned by the CEO and founder Nish Patel. The main article, LeBron James out for the season with a torn BDH, is taken down. The gist of the article was that LeBron has suffered a BDH torn injury and will be out for the whole season.

It also stated that it will be a piece of welcome news for the competing teams. Especially the LA Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets.  This fooled quite a lot of seasoned basketball players and Lakers fans. Who got worried about the impact of James being out for the whole season on the Los Angeles Lakers.

But if they had read to the end, they would have known what torn BDH means. That it was nothing more than a prank.

James BDH fans’ reaction

lebron james bdh

LeBron James BDH story took players and Lakers fans by surprise. Many Los Angeles Lakers fans took to the social media platforms like Twitter with concern about the impact on the Lakers season. Almost immediately after the story came out, one fan tweeted “Wait Lebron’s out for the season with a BDH injury??? No way..”.

But the fans and players soon realized that it was an April Fool’s prank. When they actually read the whole article and found out what a torn BDH was, as this fan stated her boyfriend’s reactions to the whole story in her tweet.

“My bf comes scrambling into the room freaking out that “LeBron is out for 12 months because of something called BDH” then pauses for a moment and goes “oh, never mind, April Fool’s…and BDH stands for big dick hanging” sir, goodbye.”

What is torn BDH story?

lebron james bdh

LeBron James BDH story really put some fear in the hearts of Lakers fans. Especially those that did not read the whole article. Many tried to find out what BDH is, and what torn BDH means. But the people that read the whole article till the end know that it is a word that points towards a body part possessed by the males of our species.

This part can vary in size in different members and will prove super painful if torn, especially if it is very big or “hanging”.

So, there you have it folks, the whole mystery of LeBron James BDH story that started on 1st April 2021. We would have recommended you read the actual article on ClutchPoints, but sadly they have taken it down.

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