September 22, 2023
Who is Kristine Saryan? Meet Scott Patterson's Wife

A celebrity is someone who’s famous and has gained enough popularity in the public’s eye through the fields of entertainment like dramas, TV shows, and films, and as a result of attention, they become worldwide famous through mass media. Kristine Saryan has millions of followers and fans from around the world. The fans are always curious to know what’s the lifestyle, net worth, and relationship status of their celebrity ideals. 

So, they keep on updating themselves about their lives. Today, we’re talking about a celebrity named Kristine Saryan, an actress known for her appearances in films like Kristine Saryan Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story. Scott Patterson wife, She’s more known as the wife of the famous actress Scott Patterson. Her popularity touched the climax when she got married to Scott Patterson.

NameKristine Patterson
Real NameKristine Saryan
Date of BirthApril 1984
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Age38 Years
Height5 Feet
Weight53 Kg
Husband NameScott Patterson
ChildrensNicholas Patterson
Net Worth$3 Million

Kristine Saryan Early Life

Kristian Saryan seems to be a very mysterious and secretive person who has not disclosed anything about her private life till now. Her parents’ information is not known, no one knows about her siblings or her education. The only thing known about her education is that she received education from Haddonfield Memorial High School in New Jersey, USA. 

kristine saryan Early Life

Kristine Saryan was born in the year 1984, but the exact date is not known, She’s celebrating her 38th birthday in 2022. Thus, it’s undeniable she simply doesn’t consider it fit to pitch everything about her She’s a European and currently lives in Los Angeles in the United States. She’s an actress who can be seen in the TV shows and dramas. Her husband is also the reason for her popularity but she’s pretty famous on her own as well.

Kristine Saryan Physical Appearance

Kristine Saryan is a gorgeous lady with a fair complexion. She has dark brown eyes and hair. Her hair type is curly with curls swinging around her eyes. She also has very beautiful lips and a smile. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches which is considered an average height for women. She’s renowned for her appearance in the Gillmore Girls. She looks stunning in black.

Kristine Saryan Gillmore Girls

Gillmore Girls is an American comedy-drama. It’s a series which has 7 seasons. Kristine Saryan is very famous for her appearance in Gillmore Girls. We couldn’t imagine her character played by anyone else. She’s perfect for that role. The directors and producers had made a great choice. 

kristine saryan Gillmore Girls

Scott Patterson was also seen in the Gillmore Girls in his iconic role. Rumors say that they met at the show and started dating afterward. Many criticized Scott Patterson by saying that Kristine Saryan was a teenager when he got into a relationship with her, but the amazing actor Scott Patterson cleared that she was 21 at that time and he was 41.

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Kristan Sayran and Scott Patterson Love Life

Kristan Sayran has no specific birth details of her as well as of the parents and she’s not on Wikipedia as well. She’s married to Scott Patterson and before their marriage they dated each other for a very long time and then they finally decided to tie the knots. Scott Patterson’s wife’s age is 20 years younger than him. So, they both are assumed to have an age difference of 20 years. 

Even her husband never wished her a happy birthday on air despite the fact that he’s always active on social media. Scott Patterson once said that he met Kristian Saryan through her friend at the intermission of the play they both were attending. They both share a baby boy named. The couple hardly talks about their stories on social media. They will quite often keep their lives hidden.

kristine saryan and Scott Patterson Love Life

Kristine Husband Scott First Marriage

Scott Patterson was once married before Kristine Saryan. His first marriage was held in 1983 but however, but their relationship lasted only for 2 years and ended in 1985. Talking about this on social media, Scott Patterson said we weren’t mature enough to get married. He didn’t have any children with Vera Davich. His life with Vera Davich does not have enough details on social media.


1. Is Kristine Saryan married?

Yes, Kristine Saryan is married to a glamourous actor from America named Scott Patterson. She’s most likely to be known as the wife of Scott Patterson but she’s pretty famous on her own as well.

2. How old age was she when she got married?

Scott Patterson wife age, When she got married, Kristine Saryan age was almost 31 years while her husband Scott Patterson was 56 years of age. The couple has an age difference of almost 20 years and the couple proved that age doesn’t matter when the love is strong.

3. Did Kristine Saryan have a child?

Yes, Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson are blessed with a baby boy named Nicholas Patterson. He was born in July 2014. The father happily tweeted and announced the birth of his child.

4. What is the net worth of Kristine Saryan husband?

Kristine Saryan husband, Scott Patterson has an estimated net worth of around 15 Million Dollars. The versatile actress enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Scott Patterson’s wife, on the other hand, has a net worth of 3 Million Dollars. However, this figure is not confirmed.

5. Why is her exact date of birth not known?

She has not disclosed any information regarding her birth date, she’s pretty secretive. No one knows about her family either. So, her exact date of birth is not known.

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