May 17, 2023

Jasmine Guy daughter Imani Duckett is an actress and model born in New York on March 28, 1999 ( Jasmine Guy Birthdate ). Imani Duckett’s fame is due to her mother jasmine guy because jasmine has been a famous actress in the past.

Imani was born in the United States of America and is known as Imani Guy Duckett. Her mother is known as an American actress, singer, and producer. Jasmine guy spouse’s name is Terrence Mitchell Duckett and he is Imani’s father. In 2008, when Imani Duckett age was 9 years old, they both divorced.

After divorce and divorce, the care of Imani was entrusted to her mother Jasmine Guy. Apart from Imani, Jasmine has no children. Along with her upbringing, Jasmine instilled in Imani a passion for acting and dancing and nurtured her properly.

Among Jasmine Guy parents, her father is an African-American and a preacher from Boston, Massachusetts. jasmine guy mother Cape Verde is a white American. An aunt of Imani is also an actress, her name is Monica Guy, but she is not as famous as her sister.

Name Imani Duckett
Birthday March 28, 1999
Age 21 Years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Actor, Dancer
Parents Jasmine Guy ( American Actress )

Imani Duckett Education

imani duckett

Imani Duckett’s early education was at a high school in Atlanta, the same city where her mother received her education. Jasmine Guy’s daughter took part in some acting courses and dance classes along with education to be like her mother.

Jasmine Guy received her dance training from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. Imani Duckett believes that she inherited her gift of acting and dancing from her mother.

Imani Duckett’s Personal Life

imani duckett

Very little information is available about Imani’s private life as her life experiences as a young girl are very few. However, she is enjoying her mother’s fame and wealth and Imani is a fashionista and can often be seen in rare pictures with her mother.

Imani Khud likes to keep away from the eyes of the media, Imani Duckett Instagram account is @imani.guy.d. She was never seen giving an interview on tv and media. Currently, she likes to focus only on her acting and education.

It is also a surprising thing to see for Imani that she is away from the media and spotlight even at this age. Because her idea is to become a big actress like her mother without any distractions.

Imani Duckett on Her Mother Path

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For Imani, her mother is definitely a role model for her better career. Amni has recently made her acting debut in an Atlanta stage drama called Black Face. Produced and directed by Freddie Ashley, Imani plays the daughter of a teenage rebel, Vivian, in the drama. She was living during the Atlanta child murders in 1979.

Imani’s professional career is not yet as successful as her mother’s, but she is off to a good start. She is getting people’s appreciation for her performance in stage drama and is determined. Viewers say that Imani has the same skills as her mother which she will use in her career.

Imani Duckett Mother Career

imani duckett

Imani is proud of the fact that her mother has done many famous and memorable roles, including The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, and The Cosby Show. Apart from this, Jasmine has worked in films like Scary Movie, October Baby, and Harlem Nights. It was a matter of time before Imani was not born. For this, Imani is grateful to the digital age that she can easily see her mother’s past achievements.

Imani Duckett’s mother’s career began in 1988 when she played the role of Dina in the musical drama film School Daze directed by legendary director Spike Lee. She then played Will Smith’s girlfriend Kayla in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Imani Duckett Relationship

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Despite being an emerging actress and dancer, Imani Duckett is rarely seen in the spotlight. There is no information available on social media that Imani is having a relationship or affair with anyone.

Also, this information is not available because She is still single. It could also be that she keeps any of her private relationships away from the media or she is currently focusing on her career.

Net Worth

There is no information about Imani’s total wealth yet, but she is currently living a luxurious life with her mother. How much is Jasmine Guy Worth? So the net worth of Imani’s mother Jasmine Guy is $4 million. Imani however has a credit from IMDb and also has a credit for unsung Hollywood.

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