September 25, 2023
How You Can Create A Stunning Collage Videos

Video streamings feature on the digital platforms have brought a ton of engagement, audience, and impressions to the marketers. This strong viewership for digital platforms is because of the growing trend of cord-cutting, when viewers cancel their cable or satellite TV subscriptions in favour of streaming services. U.S. adults aged 18-34 are the most likely to have cancelled their pay-TV subscriptions, with almost one-third of that age group.

There are several explanations for this trend. Younger viewers are more comfortable watching content on smaller screens such as smartphones or tablets, and they are also more likely to be comfortable accessing content through online streaming services. Many viewers also find that they can save money by cancelling their pay-TV subscriptions instead of streaming content online or through over-the-top services.

According to a report from Statista, among all the video-on-demand platforms, Netflix is the leading platform with an overall 765 global visits. 

Netflix, which has been around since 1997, is the most popular streaming service globally. The company has reported that it has 139 million paying subscribers worldwide.

Aren’t these numbers not convincing enough to invest in video marketing for any business? As the digital world is here to stay and change the streaming numbers.

Different Collage Videos Ideas To Get You Started

  1. Overlapping Collage 

Try using a classic traditional collage creator. The procedure is straightforward: upload images, select a theme and then drag your images into the ports (you can zoom in and out, mirror, or revolve to suit the design). You can tighten templates by using the provided photos and setting specific photo dimensions and restrictions.

  1. Side By Side Animated Images Collage

This kind of collage video gives the audience perspective to compare the videos. You can find tons of these templates online. These videos pave the way to show people how you are best amongst other competitive businesses.

  1. A Mixture of Collage Videos And Animated Text

Your videos are incomplete without engaging intros and outros, which keep viewers hooked until the conclusion. In the video, the layout video will play on one side, and it will display the animated text on another side of the video.

  1. Use Static Images Over Video Background 

These kinds of videos are very popular on Instagram. A video will play in the background, and you can place a static image by adding a patch. These videos are very engaging and leave an impact as the background video will add vibrant to the plain image. 

Here are the 5 ways in which you can use to create and edit stunning collage videos for your marketing campaigns on social media or other platforms:

  1. Use Multiple Video Clips To Create A Montage

You can create a more engaging collage video by piecing together several video clips. This type of video is effective for marketing campaigns that aim to promote a product or service.

  1. Add Text Overlay To Your Video Clips

Adding text overlay to your video clips can help to convey your message more effectively. You can also use text overlay to create a title for your video.

  1. Add Music To Your Video Clips

Adding music to your collage video can add to the overall effect. Choose music that complements the images and videos in the video. 

Including music in your video clips can help draw in more viewers. On music streaming sites, people frequently go for popular songs. Add current and catchy music so that people find them 30 seconds or one minute funky and drag them to the finish. It might also help establish the tone of your video.

  1. Use Filters To Enhance The Look Of Your Video Clips

Filters can help to enhance the look of your video clips. You can use filters to create a specific mood or feeling for your video.

  1. Add Transitions Between Your Video Clips

Chop, fade, and the infrequent wipe are all classic video transitions. Today, different transitions may be used. In effects-heavy productions, you may use dramatic transitions.

Techniques And Tips To Stand Out With Collage Videos

1. Use Multiple Video Sources

Mixing different video sources can create an exciting and engaging collage video. Combining multiple videos can do this into one file or layering different videos on top of each other.

2. Use a Variety of Editing Techniques

Many editing techniques can create a collage video. Some of the most popular techniques include layering, compositing, and blending.

3. Use Video Collage Maker Tools

Several Video Collage Maker tools are available online that can create stunning collage videos. On a search engine, type for one or take inspiration from other creators and use the tools that save your time, efforts, and money.

4. Create A Storyboard

A storyboard is a great way to plan and design your collage video. It will help you decide the order in which the images and videos will appear in the video.

5. Choose The Right Images And Videos

When creating a collage video, choosing the right images and videos is important. Make sure that each image and video complements the other.

  1. Use Different Media

Besides using different videos, you can also use different media in your collage videos. This can include images, text, and even music.

  1. Use Creative Transitions

One of the best ways to make your collage video stand out is to use creative transitions between different clips. This can be done by using a variety of effects such as dissolves, wipes, and fades.

Points To Consider While Creating Collage Videos

  1. Find inspiration and collect ideas from online video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.
  2. Experiment with different filters and effects to enhance your collage video’s overall look and feel.
  3. Create a storyboard or use video editing app or software to plan the flow and sequence of your video.
  4. Choose a catchy soundtrack or music to set the tone and mood of your video.
  5. Add text and titles to explain or highlight specific points in your video.
  6. Use creative transitions and animations to make your video more engaging.
  7. Use video clips, images, and text to create a visually appealing collage.
  8. Keep the length of your video concise – around 2-3 minutes is ideal.
  9. Edit and polish your video until it looks professional and smooth.
  10. Share your video on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach a broader audience base.


Don’t bore your audience with a single video frame; instead, use as many samples as you like to spice up the video. The guidelines provided above will assist you in getting started creating collage videos. Making collage videos is simple and enjoyable.

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