September 22, 2023

When you buy something on that you don’t want to appear in your order history, you can’t completely delete it. but it can be hidden using the archive feature. If you don’t know how to delete order history on Amazon then read this article till the end. We are going to cover some useful ways that can help you in this regard.

Can an order be deleted?

Can you delete the Amazon order history? If the answer is yes, then you cannot delete it completely. There is no complete way to delete purchase order history on Amazon. However, the alternative method is that you can temporarily hide an Amazon order by using an archive system. The order will remain in Amazon’s system even after archiving. Archived orders can be viewed from the desktop version of Amazon. If someone knows how archived orders work, your hidden order can be found. This also suggests that this is not a foolproof method of hiding orders.

How to clear Amazon order history and how to remove items from Amazon order history. One way to do this is to use a new Amazon account and deactivate your old account with it. It is also highly likely that Amazon retains your inactive account history information.

Hide Amazon Orders Using the Amazon Website

Hide Amazon Orders Using the Amazon Website

How to hide orders on Amazon or remove items from Amazon order history? For this task, you will first need to visit the Amazon website from your desktop or mobile to hide the order using the archive. The official Amazon app will not be supported on iPhone, Android, or iPad.

Go to and open your favorite browser to get started. Log in to your Amazon account to hide your desired order and then select “Returns & Orders.” Click on which is in the top corner of the page.

With your account, you’ll see every item you’ve ever ordered. Find the order you want to hide in the list. After that, click on “Archive Order” in the order information box located on the left side. After confirming with the popup you will click on “Archive Order”. Afterward, the list of orders you want to hide will disappear from the main order. But it will still be visible in the archived orders section. You will see this in the section below. 500 orders can be archived on an Amazon account.

What is the Way to See Hidden Amazon Orders

What is the Way to See Hidden Amazon Orders

Open Amazon in a desktop browser Click on “Account & Lists” in the top toolbar to reveal your hidden orders After logging in to your Amazon account. Next, click on the account that will appear in the pop-up menu. Then click on archive orders in your account.

Search archive orders by scrolling through the archives orders you want to find. Next, click the “Unarchive Order” button at the bottom. After that, the previously archived orders will start to reappear in chronological order.

Despite the use of all these methods, you are given a useful suggestion that you should never buy sensitive items from Amazon that you do not want to share with others. Because as long as your Amazon account is active, all your purchase records will be there.


  1. Is it Safe to remove items from Amazon Order History?

You can’t delete items from your Amazon order history, accordingly. You can, notwithstanding, document them, which removes them from the fundamental order history postings. In the event that all you want to do is keep an accomplice from coincidentally finding a buy, this may be adequate

2. Can you delete Amazon’s order history?

  • You can’t delete your order history, however, there are ways of concealing it from inquisitive eyes.
  • Utilize an Amazon Family Record to conceal buys and orders from your loved ones.
  • You can likewise document your orders, conceal your perusing history, change the conveyance area, or utilize Amazon Storage.
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