Hemingway Editor App, AI, Writing, Tool, Use, and Download

Hemingway Editor: App, AI, Writing, Tool, Use, and Easy Download [Guide 2024]

What Is Hemingway Editor?

Hemingway Editor is a writing tool available for free online or as a $19.99 downloadable app. The free version requires an internet connection. The app helps make your writing clearer by highlighting long sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and complex words.

Do I Use Hemingway Editor?

I use the free version for client content writing but not for personal or long-form writing. For novels or creative pieces, Hemingway’s focus on short sentences makes the text awkward and unnatural.

Hemingway Editor and Uses

Short sentences can enhance readability and SEO. However, Hemingway Editor’s strong opinions on long sentences, marked in red, can be misleading. Long sentences aren’t necessarily wrong; they’re just long.

Strange and Distracting Opinions

The app’s help section is quirky and opinionated, referencing Hemingway’s feud with Faulkner. This adds a fun, albeit distracting, element to the tool.

Testing Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor focuses heavily on sentence length rather than content quality. Manipulating sentence lengths can easily game the system, leading to nonsensical but highly rated text. It’s more of a word counter than an intelligent writing assistant.


Highlights: adverbs, passive voice, complex words, and sentence lengths.

Easy to Use: Simple interface.

SEO Friendly: Encourages shorter sentences.

Broad View: Offers an overarching view of writing quality.

Free Version: Multiple functions are available for free in this version.

Cost: The paid version is a one-time purchase, making it cheaper in the long run.


Style and Versatility: limit originality and are not customizable.

Dictatorial: Too many definitive opinions on writing.

Editing: Lacks grammar and spelling checks.

Target Audience: Better suited for business writing and short pieces.

Feature-Limited: Simplistic, which can lead to poor writing.

Hemingway Writing app

Making your writing readable is key to accessibility. Aim for a middle school reading level to ensure your content is accessible.

Using the Hemingway App:

1. Copy and paste your text into the app.

2. Get instant feedback on readability:

  •   See the grade reading level.
  •   Highlight passive voice and adverbs.
  •   Find simpler alternatives for complex words.
  •   Identify hard-to-read sentences.

Who the Hemingway App Helps

Webmasters of APS and content writers use the Hemingway app before posting any document online.

Easier-to-read content benefits everyone:

  •  People with learning disabilities, like dyslexia.
  •  Non-native English speakers.
  •  Mobile readers who skim content.

How the Hemingway App Works

1. Go to HemingwayApp.com.

2. Paste your content into the editor.

3. Hover over the highlighted text to see suggestions.

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Key Features of Hemingway Editor

1. Highlights Complex Phrases & Passive Voice

It uses color coding to highlight complex sentences (yellow) and passive voice (blue). Hover over the text for suggestions.

2. Counts Adverbs, Adjectives, & Total Words

The sidebar shows counts of adverbs, adjectives, and total words, helping you adjust your writing.

3. Provides Simpler Alternatives

For difficult words and long sentences, the Hemingway app suggests easy and simpler alternatives. Hover over the highlighted text to see suggestions and click to replace.

4. Shows Your Readability Level

It calculates a readability score based on sentence length and complexity. The score is displayed in the sidebar, indicating how easy or hard your text is to read.

Hemingway is now Hemingw-AI!

Hemingway is an app I use almost every day. It helps keep my writing clear and concise by suggesting shorter sentences and simpler language. It also shows the reading grade level of my text.

Hemingway’s New AI Upgrade

Recently, Hemingway got an AI upgrade. Now, the Hemmingway editor not only highlights issues but can also suggest fixes. For example, it can simplify complex sentences for you.

Hemingway Editor fixes a complex sentence by offering a simpler one

This Hemingway AI feature isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s useful. It feels like an editing assistant rather than a writing machine. You can also press ‘/’ to ask the editor to continue writing for you.

AI That Enhances, Not Intrudes

Other AI editors often promise to make you a great writer at the push of a button but fail to match your style. Hemingway’s AI is different—it’s unobtrusive and helps improve your writing without taking over.

Some Issues

The AI suggestions sometimes miss the mark, but overall, it’s a helpful tool. 

Hemingway Tool

This AI upgrade makes Hemingway even better, aiding the writing process without replacing it.


Do I recommend the Hemingway Editor?

No, especially not the paid version. The free version can be useful in specific situations, like if a client requests it or if you need help shortening sentences. However, it’s best used alongside another tool like Grammarly for a more comprehensive check.

Why do I love Hemingway?

I love Hemingway because it’s simple and easy to use. It highlights complex parts of your text as you type, just like a spellchecker. The sidebar explains what each highlight means and shows word count, readability grade, sentence count, paragraphs, and estimated reading time.

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