May 17, 2023
cocobolo desk

Today we are going to tell you about a particular cocobolo desk wood which is precious and rare and the desks made of this wood are very popular all over the world. This wood is called cocobolo wood. Cocobolo desks are popular and rare all over the world. It is a rare type of tree wood.

What is Cocobolo

cocobolo desk

Cocobolo is made from hardwood and its growth is very slow it takes many years to mature the tree so it cannot be harvested quickly therefore it is valuable and very less available. Cocobolo is one of the most beautiful woods in the world and woodworkers understand its importance their generations are fans of this charming wood.

What Reason Cocobolo is so Expensive

cocobolo desk

Coco Bolo desks are made from Coco Bolo. It is a hardwood in Central America that belongs to the Dalbergia wood species. Dalbergia is a medium-sized tree that can reach a height of 70 to 80 feet and a diameter of 3 feet. This wood is less available due to its extreme rarity. It was heavily cut in the past and now its trees are rarely seen.

How Much Time does Cocobolo Desk Tree Take to Grow?

cocobolo desk

The? growth of the cocoa-bolo tree is prolonged, it takes several decades to mature. Due to the unnecessary cutting of natural forests, cocoa-bolo wood has become scarce. Due to the depletion of natural forests, it is difficult to find them. However, these trees are now only located in the United States and it is necessary to get an official license to cut them. Mass production of Cocobolo desks is not considered suitable. The growth of cocobolo wood has decreased by 20% over the last two generations. Nature.

How Much Hard is Cocobolo Desk Wood?

cocobolo desk

A test is done to measure how hard or soft a piece of wood is called Janka Hardness Test. It is named after Gabriel Junca, an Australian immigrant. To test the hardness of the wood, each piece of wood is given a number and tested to see how much hardness the piece of wood can withstand.

What Can Be Made From Coco Bolo Wood ( Cocobolo Desk )?

cocobolo desk

In addition to making tables, many other things are made from cocoa-bolo wood. This wood is also often used in making musical instruments like guitars, clarinets, flutes, bagpipes, and oboes. Cocobolo wood is also used to make guitar bodies and fingerboards. This wood has also been used as a substitute for Brazilian rosewood. After the cities’ agreement of 1992, it was strictly banned.

It is a hardwood and often produces a musical sound when large blocks of it are thrown. Cocobolo wood is also used in making musical drums. It is a hardwood and can retain its hardness even underwater for a long time. It is also used in making gun grips and knife handles.

Coco Bolo wood is of very high quality used in making the famous cocobolo desks. So it is used in the production of valuable products made from all wood. And CocoBolo desk has the feature that it is protected from wood insects, decay, and the effects of time for a long time.

Coco Bolo Wood is Toxic or Not

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Although the wood of Coco Bolo is not poisonous, the resin extracted from this wood can cause skin allergies. Make sure you wear protective clothing when working with Coco Bolo wood because cacao bolo wood can cause asthma or respiratory disease if precautions are not followed.

Where is Cocobola Desk Wood is Found?

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Caco bolo wood is used for drinking in some countries of America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala. Cacao bolo trees grow best in dry highlands that are located near the Pacific Ocean. The length of this tree can be up to 80 feet, but generally it is found up to 60 feet high and up to 2 feet in diameter. Some trees are up to 3 feet in diameter and are considered rare by some experts. Coco Bolo wood is durable as well as beautiful which is the reason for its worldwide popularity in the making of cocobolo desks. Its color is reddish and brown. Coco Bolo wood is used to make fine furniture ( cocobolo desk ), cabinets, and musical instruments.

Coco Bolo Wood Main Species

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Cocobolo in Mexico: The type of wood found in Mexico is characterized by black and dark purple streaks and red circles around it.

The Cocobolo in Guatemala: Although this type of wood is similar to Mexican cocobolo. It looks less attractive due to its lighter color tone.

Cocobolo in Nicaraguan: It is found in the forests of Nicaragua with a mixture of dark orange and red, and this variety is grown in the forests of this country. This type of wood is also less attractive than the Mexican cocobolo.

Final Words About Coco Bolo Desk

cocobolo desk

Coco Bolo wood is also called the cocobolo desk of a don ( from the desk of don ). Because of its famous woodworker don shoemaker. There is no doubt that the Cocobolo desk is a beautiful masterpiece. Its second feature is its quality and durability. Although there are many difficulties in its manufacturing and it is also difficult to find. In addition, its price is not within the reach of a common person.

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