September 27, 2023
How to make a Braided Wig Cap

Braided wig cap are a great option because you have so much creative leeway when making your wig. For people who desire a stunning long braided wig cap hairstyle but don’t want to wait till their hair has grown, braided wig cap are ideal.

You have the ideal versatility when styling your hair when you own a wig. It may be a braided wig cap today, cut short naturally tomorrow, and straightened or curled tomorrow! Isn’t every girl’s dream to be able to change hairstyles in an instant?

Once you’ve worn a braided wig cap, you won’t want to part with it. Having this item gives you extra room to work on your hairdo. Without wasting time at the hair salon, you may get braided hair anytime you like. The braid cap is extremely simple to take out without damaging your natural hair.

The fact that these braid wigs are frequently handmade is wonderful. You may thus create one for yourself that satisfies your needs while also allowing you to exercise your imagination. A bespoke braid wig is more practical and comfortable than a store-bought one.

How to make Braided Wig Cap


The majority of individuals can wear an average-sized braided wig cap; however, others require a small or bigger size. Whichever is better for you will depend on how big your skull is. You’ll need a fabric measuring tape for this. If you don’t have one, you can measure the string with a ruler if you want to.

By comparing your figures to charts, you can determine your cap size. After you’ve finished measuring, make sure you’re comparing the correct figures to the correct chart. For example, some charts only allow for measures from ear to ear or around the head (or circumference).

There are three steps to measuring your head: around the head, crown of the head, and ear to ear.

  • Stretch the tape measure or thread around your head starting at the front of the widow’s peak. At all times, keep your ears above your head.
  • Crown of the Head — Once more, extend the string or tape measure straight back from the widow’s peak. When you reach the point where your head and neck converge, stop.
  • Ear to ear – Hold the string or tape measure so that one end is at the front of your ear. After that, bring it up over your head so that it rests in front of the opposite ear.

To ensure your measurements are precise, perform each of them at least twice. When you are certain that the figures are accurate.

Choose your cap size from one of these common sizes:

  • Youngster: 19 inches
  • Little (21 inches)
  • Average/petite — 21.5 inches
  • In general, 22 inches
  • Large/Average: 22.5 inches
  • 23 inches large

Some hats contain straps that let you change the size of your wig, often by half an inch. In order to ensure that your wig is secure, if you are between sizes, you should pick the smaller size.

When in doubt, always keep in mind that the cap should be snugger than loose.

Making Braided wig cap

Making Braided wig cap


Make sure you have all of the following things before you start:

  • Wavy cap (either the one you made yourself or a store-bought one)
  • More lace
  • Braiding tools for hair
  • wig or mannequin head block
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • hefty needles
  • Hairbrush
  • a thread that is similar to your hair

You are forced to make this decision. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, everything boils down to personal taste. Real hair is more attractive and is more heat and style-resistant. However, once it has been cleaned, it is difficult to style, and they are more prone to injury. Artificial wigs appear unnatural, yet they are lighter and more durable.

As a general rule, it is advised to use synthetic hair instead of genuine hair for wigs that are intended to be worn exclusively on special occasions.

  • Make your braiding hair accessories.

Get rid of any sections that are twisted, tangled, or otherwise broken. If necessary, divide the extensions into two or more sections for various parts of your head, or just choose the length you want.

Creating Branded wig

Creating Branded wig

Instruction 1

  • Put the braided wig cap over the mannequin’s head and secure it with pins.
  • Remove the portion of the cap that will serve as the closing. Put it where you want your closure to go, then stitch it in place. Remove the braided wig cap from the area underneath.

Tip: Make sure to use lace that is close in color to your skin when picking the kind that will be used for the closure.

Instruction 2

  • A little bit of the braided wig cap extension should be threaded through the needle and then through the cap to begin constructing the wig. Remove the needle by pulling out the extension’s one end. Your first braided cap extension is now attached to the wig cap!
  • A little bit of the braided wig cap extension should be threaded through the needle and then through the cap to begin constructing the wig. Remove the needle by pulling out the extension’s one end. Your first braided extension is now attached to the wig cap!
  • Make use of the attachment as a base. Start braiding and twisting by grabbing another extension.
  • Repeat the first two stages until your braided wig cap has the appearance you desire.
  • Braid the hair on some thread, and then tack each piece to the closure to connect braids to it.

Tip: This step can also be used for the full wig in place of the fourth. It could help you appear better or save you some time.

Instruction 3

  • The wig combs or elastic that will keep the wig cap in place should now be added.
  • If you don’t have the patience but have the talent, trim the hair or work around it with a lighter.
  • Your braided wig cap is prepared for usage after a quick wash and the addition of hair lotion.

Tip: Pull the braids a little to make sure they are tightly fastened. It’s better if an extension breaks now rather than outdoors.

Crochet Wig Cap

Crochet Wig Cap

Small combs and adjustable straps are typically included in patterns for crochet wig caps. To hold the unit in place for a long period, the combs are positioned at the front, sides, and rear of the net. Since the straps are adjustable, you can make them fit your head. The crochet wig is currently a popular haircut.

This wig is a favorite of many celebrities, especially African Americans. When you wear it, you stand out among the throng. You may take advantage of all your excellent days with a regular cap with combs or a crochet cap with parts.

The artisans use essentially the same supplies while making a wig on a crochet lace wig cap. But it may also be braided to create crochet braids that complement your own hair underneath a wig cap. If you’d like, you can bleach the wig cap to match your skin tone. The majority of wig hats available on the market are dark or medium brown.

We advise choosing a braided wig cap since it is fashionable and ideal for the current style. Similar to other wig caps, it is constructed, but the braids are attached to the cap by sewing.

Cornrow cap

Cornrow cap

Cornrow Cap for Sew in Embedded Weaving can cause more harm than benefit. The Cornrow Cap for Sale, The most frequent cause of hair loss is tension: cornrowing too tightly, as well as sewing and tugging the weft too tightly, can result in major hair loss like traction alopecia.

This issue is addressed with the cornrow wig caps, which have cornrows attached that are composed of high-quality synthetic hair. Short hair, weave caps, sew-ins, crotchet, and interlocking are all ideal for the cap. The convenience of a wig is equivalent to that of the cornrows already fastened to the cap, which also reduces the stress and tension your hair must bear.

This hat may be used as a basis to attach wefts, crochet braids, etc. if you prefer to construct your own wigs.


No matter if you’re trying to conceal injuries or anxieties, braided wigs are a great option for everyone. They provide incredible advantages, and you have a tonne of stylistic options. If you want it placed so the wig looks beautiful and seamless, get assistance from a stylist.

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