September 22, 2023
How to Join and Play Blooket Join Game - Complete Guide

So, you have heard all about the Blooket Join game from your friends, colleagues, or teachers and now you must consider setting up your own game for your class. Blooket Join is a simple platform for students to engage in fun activities and review gummies. With just a few simple steps, you’ll join live games and create custom sets for any of your favorite topics. 

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you set up your first live game. You’ll be guided through inviting students and classes to play and creating custom sets and accounts. So let’s go to the step-by-step setup guide before joining Blooket Play, How to play Blooket Join.

First, you need to know what exactly is join blooket is. Blooket Join is an educational game-based learning platform used by at least 5 million students and teachers worldwide. It offers interactive learning games and activities for all ages that add fun to the learning process.

How Blooket Join Game Works

Blooket play features a variety of educational games such as geography, science, math, and spelling that you can play alone or with others. Games are an engaging way to study your curriculum topics.

How Blooket Join Game Works
  • Account Creation:

Go to blooket sign up and sign up for free Enter your name, email, password, and role (teacher or student) for a teacher or student account.

  • Game Exploring:

You can choose from a variety of games like Gold Quest (Mathematics), Factory (Engineering), and Aquarium (Ecosystem) to see which topics interest you.

  • Blooket Joining:

If you are a student, enter the Blooket join code provided by your teacher to join the class. Teachers can create separate join codes for each of their classes.

  • Play With Learn:

Select a game to play Blooket Join. Answering questions correctly is mandatory to earn points and compete with others. Games challenge you to play out what you’re learning in a fun, interactive way.

  • Progress Tracking:

Blooket Join also provides performance reports so you can see how your game performance is improving over time. Teachers can also look at class reports to determine such areas, considering the need for re-teaching.

We guide you step by step from creating a Blooket Play account to Booklet Play.

Blooket Join Signing up

To get started, visit and then click the “Blooket Sign Up” button in the top right corner. You will be asked for some basic information such as your name, email address, and the password you wish to use.

Once you have entered your details, check the email verification link after verifying your email and click on this link to activate your account. After that, you will be shown a congratulatory note that your Blooket Join account is now set.

Blooket Signing up

Your Profile

The next step is to personalize your profile. Add a profile picture to identify you to your classmates. You can also choose your fictitious name if you have a problem with the user not using your real name.

There will be an “About Me” section where you can share some of your interests with other players. For example, say you like basketball, drawing, coding, reading, or gaming, you can mention your hobbies to find players with similar interests.

Friends Finding

Blooket Play a live game with friends is one of the best parts of it. You have to enter the join code of any class or group on your profile page, to instantly connect or blooket play with your classmates.

You can also search for friends by name or interest and send them a friend request. After accepting them, you can check your friends’ online status and join the games they are playing.

  You are ready to play Blooket Join games as soon as your profile is set up and some friends are added.

Joining Existing Game on Blooket

To join an existing Blooket Join game you will be offered an invite code by the game host. The host shares the invite code with the players they want to join after creating the game and setting the rules.

Invite Codes Finding

Before the Blooket code joins, Invite codes are provided by the host to share with you, they can be verbally texted or emailed to you by any means. Invitation codes are written exactly as they were provided.

Entering Process of Invite Codes

Once you have the invite code, open the blooket code join the app or website, and select “Join Game”. Enter the invitation code in the provided field and then double-check that the invitation code is entered correctly before clicking on “Join”.

Host For Waiting

First, you will see a message after entering the invite code asking you to view the host. The host manages and controls the game when the game starts so you may have to wait a few minutes. But before the host starts the game, feel free to chat with other players who have already joined.

Play Game

Once the host is ready, the game mode and settings selected by the host will be loaded. Follow the on-screen prompts to play. Objectives and rules may vary depending on the specific game mode chosen by the host. Pay close attention to the instructions before each play.

If at any point you are disconnected from the game due to an error, you will need to re-enter the invitation code to rejoin the game.

Try Blueket for an immersive learning experience. Blueket has a variety of fun game modes to play or enjoy with friends or classmates.

Tips & Tricks For Blooket Join

We are providing you with some tips here to get the most out of the Blooklet platform:

Completion of Daily Quests

Blocket offers daily quests to earn items and level up your account such as coins, gems, and loot boxes. Complete these quick challenges. Some examples are:

Completion of Daily Quests
  • 3 Games Play
  • Answer Correctly 10 Questions
  • 2 Lootboxes Open

It’s an easy way to progress in the game and complete your daily quests without spending a lot of time.

Connection With Friends

Blocket allows you to connect with friends and see their activity in the game with your username or two. You can join and blooket play with friends by sharing the code, it is also a great source of entertainment.

  • Watch when they complete quests to unlock achievements.
  • Send each other gifts like loot boxes, gems, or coins.
  • Strategize to just say hello or chat.

Your experience will be more beneficial and enjoyable in building a network of Blooket Join friends.

Blooket Join Live Games

Apart from single-player games, Blockit Live also offers multiplayer games that you can join. These include classic games such as:

Blooket Join Live Games
  • Gold Quest: Collect the most gold before time runs out.
  • Blook Rush: Try to get the highest score by combining Blooks.
  • Tower Defense: Defend your base from enemies by working together.

Live is a great way to interact with other players, compete for high scores, and win more prizes as well as a great social engagement tool.

Saving Your Winnings

Don’t immediately spend your hard-earned gems and loot boxes. You can save them to unlock other upgrades. So by saving up, you’ll be able to get the best rewards with the higher priced items often being 100 gems or more.

With these tips, you can master Blooket Join anytime, and Blooket plays daily for the best fun, connects with friends, joins live games, and unlocks the best rewards.


Now you are all set to turn on your block. After creating your account, joining your first game, and exploring all the different game modes, you’re well on your way to hours of fun and learning. Whether you’re a teacher who wants to engage their students or a student who’s ready and excited to explore a variety of topics in an interactive way. 

Blockett has fun topics for everyone. Now the waiting hours are over for you, Start the first game, and prepare yourself for an adventure that you will never forget, the world of Blocket is waiting for you.

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