May 17, 2023
barbara roufs

Today we are going to talk about a famous personality ( Barbara Roufs ) of the past who has been hidden in the cracks of history. But her work and name are still known in the world of drag racing. We are going to talk about the 1970s famous drag racing girl Barbara. Roufs was an American Drag Race Trophy Girl who is recognized as a knockout young lady.

She is accepted to have brought such a lot of fun and energy to the race. In any case, Barbara died at the age of 47 years in 1991. In this short bio, we will share Roufs Wikipedia and will investigate her life, career, wealth, marriage, demise, and reason for death. Barbara was one of the most loved ladies in racing, harking back to the 1970s.

She was a 29-year-old mother of two at that point and generally thought to be the hottest prize young lady of the Southern California racing world. The web has a significant number of her photographs as a racer.

Name Barbara Roufs
Real Name Barbara Roufs
Gender Female
Age 47 years  ( 1944 – 1991 )
Birthdate 1944
Birth Place California, America
Nationality American
Weight 60 KG
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Parents N/A
Marital Status Married
Husband Name N/A
Children Crystal Daughterly, Jet Daughterly
Boyfriend Name Yes, But Anonymous
Profession Drag Racing
Net Worth $150,000 Per Year ( 1970 – 1990 )

Early Life

barbara roufs

Barbara was brought into the world in 1944. Be that as it may, the data insights concerning her parents and siblings have not yet been unveiled. In any case, it is noticed that she was brought up in California, where she functioned as a prize young lady (A youthful wonderful, alluring lady who is the girlfriend of a rich and successful older man and who demonstrates her social position.

There’s no record of Barbara’s parents and siblings. While her photographic artist: Tom West, Barbara’s photographic artist, and a dear friend, just shared photos of Barbara’s little girl and granddaughter, unveiled nothing about her. Tom has been so near Barbara that he went with her to a few photoshoots and habitually visited her home.

Barbara’s Career

barbara roufs Career

Barbara Roufs now joined the race scene in the mid-’70s as a prize young lady. The race rivalry had been created in the top-notch times of the ’60s.; when the more seasoned vehicle models had been supplanted with fresher renditions and old dragsters by fuelers.

At that age, women’s design was likewise different. They kept long hair, wore short dresses and shorts, and never tried to wear bras. She was the ideal prize young lady to get the race together with her striking excellence, long expansive hair, gogo boots, and opportunity tanks.

As per the expert drag star relationship by Dough Kruse in California, just women that matched Barbara’s level, body, and excellence came to the race contest. She is accepted to have carried such a lot of fervor to the fans and procured a name out of that.

Barbara Roufs Body Measurement

barbara roufs Body Measurement

There was no doubt that Barbara Roufs was one of the most lovely ladies of her day. Her sheer excellence made any man fall in love with her. Considering the absence of data concerning this subject, we can’t give a proper barbara roufs measurement of body weight and height. since we have not had the option to accumulate a lot of data on the point.

Barbara Roufs Death

barbara roufs Death

It is expressed that Barbara was brought into the world in California in 1944, where she filled in as a prize young lady and later joined the race. A couple of years after the fact, she quit being a trophy girl and committed suicide in January 1991 under muddled conditions. When she died her age was 47 years. This is as indicated by her little girl’s post, which read; She was notable and cherished.

That delightful knockout of a lady is my mom. I can’t tell you that I am so astounded to see these photographs distributed: of her, and she would be so glad; those were a portion of her best minutes throughout everyday life, a portion of her most joyful days. She carried on with an entrancing life. Sadly, she carried on with an extremely short life.

She today Roufs death today Barbara Roufs in January of 1991 at 47 years old. I realize this would be exceptionally energizing so that she might be able to see that she is on the World Wide Web: her greatest dream is to work out that everyone will see her magnificence. Many thanks to you for carving out an opportunity to praise my mother. She ended it all.

Reason Behind Barbara Roufs Obituary

barbara roufs

The obituary Roufs Barbara today stated that she committed suicide. But the reason for Barbara Roufs’s suicide has not been revealed to date. Barbara Roufs daughter and elder son celebrate her death anniversary every year. And on this occasion, the message is given every year that the suicide of Barbara Roufs was a sudden accident that has not been made public till now. And this accident happened after he quit drag racing.

Net Worth

barbara roufs Net Worth

The total assets of Barbara Roufs today aren’t accessible on the web. Nonetheless, she made a fortune from her dashing career. The assessed compensation of an expert drag racer is assessed at $150,000 each year. Barbara raced from the last part of the 1970s to the mid-1990s. Her total assets at the hour of death are assessed to be $1.5 – $2.5 million per year. She had likewise amassed abundance and resources from her tropical young girl profession. Barbara was a well-off young lady who carried on with an interesting life.

Roufs Children

barbara roufs Children

Barbara Roufs left a girl, Jet Dougherty, and a granddaughter Crystal Daughterly. It was until 2016 that the popular photographic artist who was a dear friend to Barbara, Tom West posted an image of Bridgette Roufs, stunning everybody that she left behind girls.

Barbara Husband

barbara roufs Husband

There is no information about Barbara Roufs husband on social media. It is said that Barbara Roufs was the girlfriend of an old rich and successful man. The reason for establishing a relationship with him was his popularity on social media. Tom West is Barbara’s photographer and best friend. He only shared pictures of Barbara Roufs daughter and elder daughter on social media in 2016. Apart from this, there is no information about Barbara’s relationship with any person.

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