September 27, 2023
amy eshleman

If we talk about Amy Eshleman Wikipedia So Amy Eshleman is known as the first lady in Chicago. Lori Lightfoot’s wife is the reason why she got this honor. Lori Lightfoot is the mayor of Chicago and Lori Lightfoot spouse of Amy Eshleman. Amy Eshleman works as a young children’s education worker who is a former assistant public library commissioner. Lori Lightfoot’s partner has been with her since 2001 and she now lives with her along with an adopted daughter, Vivian.

Mayor Lightfoot’s spouse also has a separate identity apart from political fame. Amy Eshleman personal life is also interesting. She started as a librarian in a library and eventually became an assistant commissioner library. When Eshleman was appointed to this position, she knew that it would be a big responsibility And this position could affect millions of young people and children in Chicago.

Name Amy Eshleman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 31 December 1961
Age 61 Years Old
Place of Birth Sterling, Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Queer
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lori Lightfoot
Children Vivian ( Female )
Profession Activist and former assistant library commissioner
Net Worth $700,000

Amy Eshleman Early Life

amy eshleman

Amy was born in Sterling, Illinois, USA and was born on December 31, 1961. By 2022, she will be 61 years old. There is no information about Amy Eshleman family because she has not revealed anything about her family.

She received her primary education from Sterling High School where she also participated in sports including tennis and basketball. He then earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Miami University in Ohio.

Amy was good at tennis and basketball since her school days, thanks to which she was the first female basketball champion of Illinois. Amy studied history at the University of Miami in Ohio and also worked with the congressional staff from 1984 to 1988.


Amy has spent her career serving youth in Chicago. She has been seeing the problems faced by children in the community herself like a mother. Amy wants to be the first woman in Chicago to inspire and advocate for young people to read and learn. That’s why Amy Eshleman is called the First Lady of Chicago City.

Amy Eshleman Daughter

amy eshleman

Amy has lived with Lori for 16 years and Lori is the 56th Mayor of Chicago since 2019. Lori is the first openly gay female mayor of the United States. This news is often circulating that who is Lori lightfoot married to, Let us tell you that Lori and Amy are together and married. Lori and Amy both identify with same-sex relationships.

Eshleman daughter Vivian is an African girl who is adopted by Lori and Amy. Amy works as Vivian’s mother and a full-time housewife and The entire family lives together in Chicago.

Amy Eshleman and Lori Lightfoot Relation

amy eshleman

Lori Lightfoot Wedding Pictures, Lori Lightfoot is also seen as a black first lady along with being the mayor of Chicago. At the same time, she is a free-thinking woman who does not hesitate to speak her mind. Her liberalism can be gauged from the fact that she openly expresses her homosexuality.

Amy Eshleman also expresses the strength of her relationship with Lori because of her like-mindedness, saying, Lori is already a role model for women through her life experiences, difficult situations, and all kinds of people’s attitudes. They don’t care what anyone says to deal with and what they believe.

Amy further says that I want to run a campaign on Lori lightfoot before and after life which will prove to be a really good and special campaign. which connected millions of women in the city of Chicago. Amy, Lori, and Vivian live together like a family. For this assurance, you can see a picture of the mayor of Chicago with her daughter on social media.

Net Worth

According to one estimate and some sources, Amy Eshleman net worth is $700,000, which she earned as an Assistant Library Commissioner.

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